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the three month course

Hawkstone Hall’s flagship course since 1975 is the 3-month renewal programme, the first choice for many priests, religious and lay people who have an opportunity for a sabbatical. With the help of leading speakers and the resident staff, the course will gently engage you to look at your life anew through the process of human and spiritual development. Our course includes the following elements:

  • The drama of living in an international community. You have the opportunity to make new friends, and to share the stories of how many different peoples and races face the challenges of being church today.
  • The warmth and homeliness of the setting. Although an elegant country mansion, the Hall is a warm and homely house, ideal for rest and relaxation. You will have time to wander around the gardens and the surrounding parkland, time to enjoy your own pursuits, and time to relax in good company.
  • Sharing in common and group liturgies. We have a college chapel that has recently been renovated and lends itself to the beauty and dignity of modern liturgy. You will also have the opportunity to share the Eucharist in the more intimate setting of your own group.
  • A lecture programme with speakers of international reputation. The different lecturers will invite you to reflect on areas of human growth and development, on the power of the Jesus story, and on different ways of ministering in the church today.
  • The opportunity to study and reflect in smaller groups through the workshops. These optional groups offer you a variety of engaging programmes. In addition, some members of staff are available to accompany you in spiritual direction.
  • The opportunity to experience the social life, to travel and to see the surrounding country. Weekends are free, and there is 10-day break in the middle of the course. During this free time many participants take the opportunity to travel in groups to the nearby towns or farther afield. You can visit the medieval town of Shrewsbury and the Roman city of Chester, or travel farther afield to witness for yourself the natural beauty of Wales or the Lake District.
  • The opportunity to try out new therapies, try your hand at art, stretch yourself with yoga, learn how to use the computer and send e-mail, or keep fit in our small gymnasium. Whatever your favourite pastime is, the Hawkstone course allocates time for your time.

We hope that you will come and experience what many people have experienced at Hawkstone: the graced opportunity to grow anew in a kindly and sympathetic human environment.


“Hawkstone is a place of astonishing loveliness and grace. From a frenetic city theatre in China I moved to an English house and landscape that were crafted to calm you: at Hawkstone you learn to walk slowly, noticing God's grandeur. For me the highlights of the course were the lectures on the Gospels and the Hawkstone pilgrimage, which re-introduced me to Jesus of Nazareth. For that I will be forever grateful.”

Sister Clara Liu Qiao, an eye surgeon from China

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