Redemptorist International Pastoral Centre England

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Arrival time

The course begins on Monday with a reception in the Common Room at 6.30pm. We ask you to arrive earlier that same afternoon. This reception will be followed by dinner at 7.00 pm.

By plane

We can arrange, at your request, a taxi / minibus to collect you to complete your journey to Hawkstone Hall. Please advise us at least 2 weeks in advance, giving your flight number and expected time of arrival. The fare will depend on how many people are able to share transport, from £25.00 - £70.00 and is payable directly to the Driver. The Driver will meet you at arrivals, but if you should miss him please make your way to Terminal 1 Information desk and you will be met there. The Driver will have Hawkstone Hall Board for identification.

You are free to make you own way, if you prefer, by rail to Shrewsbury.

By train

You should arrive at either WELLINGTON (Shropshire) if you are coming from the South or SHREWSBURY if you are travelling from the North. Cheaper tickets are available if you buy them in advance. We will arrange a taxi to meet you, provided you let us know your arrival time.

By coach

You should travel to TELFORD coach station. We would recommend you buy your ticket in advance of travelling to be sure of a seat. We will arrange a taxi to meet you at Telford, provided you let us know your arrival time.

By road

See how to find us


Departure from Hawkstone is after breakfast on the last day of the course. If you are booking return flights now, we would recommend the following: from Manchester your flights should be scheduled from midday; from the London airports from late afternoon.

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