Redemptorist International Pastoral Centre England

what we offer

Since 1975 the Redemptorists have committed personnel and resources to Hawkstone, building the centre up as a welcoming place for spiritual renewal. It is a peace-filled place. The purpose of Hawkstone is to provide a sympathetic space for people to rediscover and renew their loving attachment to Jesus of Nazareth. Its purpose is also to offer people an opportunity to rest their bodies and enjoy the peace of this beautiful space.

Staffed by the Redemptorists of the London Province, together with other religious and lay people, Hawkstone fulfils the desire of St Alphonsus, the founder of the Redemptorists, that a Redemptorist house should be a place where priests and people can find refreshment for their tired spirit.

Hawkstone is ideal for sabbaticals. It offers three courses each year, one for 7 weeks, the other two for 12 weeks. The Hawkstone courses have two main objectives: to meet the personal and spiritual needs of women and men who are involved in the church's changing mission, and to enable them to face the new challenges of being church in the world of the 21st century.

  • In addition to the three principal courses. Hawkstone offers short courses and retreats.
  • Independent groups are also welcome to use the facilities of Hawkstone. Details on request.
  • Apart from Christmas/New Year, individuals are welcome to come to Hawkstone for a private retreat or break.
  • Each Sunday, at 10.00am, Mass is celebrated in the College Chapel - all are welcome.
  • Hawkstone can accommodate Assemblies, Chapters and Business Organisations for their own conferences.
  • Hawkstone Hall and Gardens are open to the public between August 14th and 31st every year, between 1 - 5pm.

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