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In addition to the lecture programme, the following workshops are offered each week throughout the course. Attendance is voluntary.

Christian Meditation

The seminar will attempt to study the practice of Christian meditations. The seminar aims at enabling the group to get a better grasp of the theme, overcome the difficulties experienced while meditating, understand the effects of meditation on personal harmony and well being. We look again at the ancient art of contemplative prayer with the assistance of a contemporary voice in John Main OSB. The sessions will give you an opportunity to experience how to pray contemplatively.

The Enneagram

This is a creative workshop. It is an opportunity to learn more about the various ways people view life. Appreciating the different ways we look at ourselves and others not only helps towards self-knowledge, but to understanding ourselves in the context of human relationships. In our workshop we will move beyond basic descriptions to discover what shapes a person’s life, how we can grow in wisdom as we grow in self-awareness, and understand our own spirituality. Even if you have ‘done’ the Enneagram and ‘ know’ your number, this is only the beginning.

Growth Through Awareness

“The unreflective life is not worth living” Becoming more aware or our attitudes and ways of relating gives us greater freedom in how we chose to live our lives. This workshop is for those who would like to explore different issues each week in a creative, light-hearted and participative way.


Your life is meaningful; it is rich with experiences, relationships, opportunities and challenges. Sometimes, so many things happen to us in our busy lives that we don’t have time to reflect and see the loving hand of God accompanying us on our journey through life.
Journaling gives you the time and space to reflect upon your life; to look back, to think ahead and to be grounded in your present reality, which is where you meet God.
It can help you to befriend yourself and live with a deeper awareness.
Most sessions in this workshop include a little input and some simple, engaging, enjoyable and creative experiences which are followed by journaling exercises and some appropriate sharing with other members of the group.

Pastoral Counselling

This workshop offers an opportunity for you to update your counselling skills in order to equip you to be more effective in ministry. These skills are not difficult to learn, and they play an essential part in helping people to experience greater freedom and to make changes in their lives. This workshop is suitable for those involved in the ministry of healing, visiting the sick, dealing with grief, marital and relational problems, group facilitation, advising, helping or counselling distressed, and traumatised people.


Transition begins with an ending. It begins with letting go of something in order to learn to embrace something new. Accepting and looking for meaning in the events from your past is an important way of preparing for trhe future. This workshop aims at helping you to reflect on your own life experiences, and to discern movements and new patterns God is forming in your life.

Painting for Pleasure

Explore the possibility of seeing things in a new way through painting and drawing. This workshop is both for those who have never painted since they left school and for those who have an interest or talent, which they would like to develop. Starting with the basics, a new skill or technique will be explored each week, building up confidence of participants.

Other Activities

Spiritual Direction

Members of staff qualified in spiritual direction are available throughout the course to accompany participants if they wish.

Mission and Ministry

During each course we invite twelve participants to share their own experience of ministry in the church. This is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of ministry within the larger group.

Liturgy Group

Anyone who is able to sing, play, to share their gifts in some way, is invited to form a Liturgy Group. Participants who wish to take responsibility for planning, preparing and presenting the Eucharist and other services. In this way, we hope to honour the special talents of the course. There is also a weekly choir practice to prepare for the celebration of the Eucharist.

Evening Prayer

A choice of different types of prayer is offered, such as Centering Prayer; Sunday Gospel Sharing; Guided Meditation. You do not have to join the same group each week. During the course, there are usually two healing services.

Body Alive

An opportunity to do light stretching exercises and co-ordinate breath and movement.

Gym and fitness

Hawkstone has a small fitness room with exercise machines available for all participants. Apart from the wonderful walks and climbs that surround Hawkstone, there is also an Olympic-size swimming pool in the nearby town of Market Drayton (7 miles).

The Computer Suite

Part of our Seminar Room is dedicated to computers with access to the Internet. There is a charge of £1.00p for up to 30 minutes of use for this facility. There is also Internet access in each room for those with laptop computers. The cost of connection for the duration of the Course is £85 Sterling.


“I came to Hawkstone at a crucial time in my life, after 18 years of missionary work. Hawkstone invites you to look at what you rarely have time to notice in a hectic life - yourself, your relationships, your world, your God. The course gave me a whole new attitude towards myself and the future; it also provided me with the tools and the agenda for the second half of my life. I feel at least 20 years younger!”

Fr Ivan Rohloff, an American Capuchin working in Russia

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